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Educative programs

Essentials is our main program: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Based on the competences of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it is divided into three groups by age:

Junior – Teens – Pro groups allow the teaching-learning process to be easy, effective and personalized.


(8 a 12 years old).


(12 a 17 years old).

PRO (1)

18+ years old).


(4 a 7 years old).


Have fun and learn with our themed classes. Live this experience and get to know the world with us.

MOVE ON 2-44

Advanced levels of conversation and writing.


We prepare you for standardized tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS, as well as Critical Reading and writing sections of the SAT.


Learn to handle terminology specifically related to an specific occupation, profession or career.

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Improve your usage of English with lessons and vocabulary adjusted to business settings.


Move On Academy and WESLI (Wisconsin ESL Institute) offer you great discounts for the experience of studying in Madison, USA. We also count on an Alliance with the Language Tuition Nottingham, UK.


Learn with Move On Academy

Through E-MOA

you’ll be able to schedule your online classes and learn languages whenever you want to in real-time learning environments.

What are the
E-MOA classes like?

Individual or group lessons.

Personalized education.

You can learn from the comfort of the place of your choice.

Flexible schedules and frequency.

We adapt to all levels, ages, and requests.

Live! Real-time interactions

Class material specially selected for you

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

And Move On Academy

Comparative chart according to our levels.